1) Open a new tab and copy and paste this text into the address bar:  chrome://extensions  

chrome://extensions is the link to the page that shows the installed extensions on the Chrome Browser.

2) 2) You will see the Developer mode option at the top right, activate this mode. Developer mode; allows you to install the extension files that you extract from the *zip file to Chrome.

3) Click here to download the OgameBotChromeExtension.zip file. Extract the folder from the zip file you downloaded. Drag this folder and drop it on the active Chrome tab.

4)  a new tab and copy and paste this text into the address bar:  chrome://settings/content/popups  

chrome://settings/content/popups is the page where the necessary permissions for the bot to work are given. 

In the allow section on the active page, click on the add button. First, paste this link to the appearing box: https://lobby.ogame.gameforge.com:443 and then click on the add button. Make sure you entered the :443 suffix in the end of the link.

Doing this is essential to give permission to Ogame Bot for accessing the game.

5)To read our article about how you can activate your license click here.